Dear ladies and gentlemen,

You have just opened the web pages of a translating and interpreting office which has been operating on the market since as early as 1991. During our existence we have acquired a great deal of experience, and also amassed a whole series of suggestions from you, our customers, thanks to which we are able to constantly perfect our services, and come closer to your needs and visualisations. Our office maintains a wide database of translators and interpreters, most of which are graduates of various language institutes, or even from universities specifically for translating and interpreting, and who are able to translate for you into 40 languages. We work with experts from various fields and, of course, with native speakers too. We have experience with translating within the most varied of fields, including business correspondence as well as difficult professional translations. We are pleased to say that the majority of our clients return to us, and have been doing so for a number of years, and we would be honoured if our services could fulfill your expectations, and if you were to join our clientele.

Wishing you a pleasant day from Aliance
PhDr. Eva MoravcovŠ